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Having obtained the results of the National Ministry of Science and Technology and dozens of agricultural UAV national patents

             Fengfeng UAV is really born for plant protection             

Currently Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has completed 3WQFDZ100-6, 3WQF120-12, 3WQF80-10, 3WQF125-16,
with independent intellectual property rights.
Development, production and promotion of various agricultural UAV models of 3WQFTX-10 and 3WQF294-35.

  • Liberty Eagle 1S

    Free Eagle 1S, really born for plant protection.
    Based on the old free eagle, a number of optimizations have been carried out, the center of gravity shifts more stable, the modularity is better, the flexible spray connection, the arm can be folded and convenient to carry.
  • Global eagle

    Global Hawk, oil single rotor planting drone
    In the process of research and development, Global Eagle has passed the test of high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, dust and other harsh working conditions, with a cumulative flight of more than 100,000 mu. After more than 30 technical improv
  • Global Hawk-Remote Sensing UAV

    Plant protection is better, making money more assured
    Committed to creating a one-stop, all-round, standardized crop planting management solution platform for national agricultural growers
  • Falcon - electric planting rotor

    The fighters in the motor, the combination of oil and electricity, the eagle hits the sky!
    Product brand: Quanfeng plant protection drone machine
    Product model: 3WQF120-12
    Manufacturer: Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
    Place of Origin: Anyang City, Henan Province
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