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Bipu introduction


    In December 2016, Anyang Quanfeng Airlines invested in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary's modern agricultural service platform--Henan S&P Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., relying on Quanfeng Aviation's professional plant protection and drone production R&D platform and more than 20 years of first-line plant protection services. Experience, combined with the current status of China's agricultural planting, cater to the development trend of plant protection and flight defense, and strive to build a one-stop, all-round, standardized crop planting management program platform for national agricultural growers. Since its establishment, S&P Agriculture has quickly established county-level companies and township service stations throughout the country.

    S&P Agriculture is positioned as a comprehensive platform for resource integration and agricultural services. Currently, it is mainly engaged in the sales and after-sales of plant protection drones, flying hand training, flying defense operations, special anti-agents for defensive and anti-agents, and the use of high-tech plant protection. Machinery, with high-efficiency, low-toxic aviation-specific pharmacy to provide farmers with high-yield solutions from planting to harvesting.

    Let farmers grow more money and save money, so that S&P agricultural partners can make money easier! Adhering to the core values of “Wholehearted Service, Harvesting Wanjia”, we always bear in mind the S&P mission: to realize agricultural modernization, standardization of operations, popularization of services, and realize the great vision of “Standard Agricultural Dream, Healthy Chinese”.

    Standard & Poor's Agriculture joined hands with Yufei Technology to build a platform for China's flight defense and implement a rural revitalization strategy. Open the Free Eagle Million Flyer Training Program to provide free training for the poor, returning entrepreneurs, veterans, and returning college graduates who are interested in flying defense, and at the same time realize the separation of the right to use and ownership of plant protection drones. Let the operations center use plant protection drones at zero cost, share drones and share job orders.

    S&P people adhere to the core values of “full service, harvesting Wanjia”, thus realizing the dream of “bumper agriculture” and “healthy ecological agriculture”, realizing the S&P agricultural dream and the great vision of healthy Chinese!

Core Values: Wholehearted service, a good harvest.

    Standard & Poor's life: agricultural modernization, standardization of operations, and popularization of services.

    Standard & Poor's vision: Standard & Poor's agricultural dream, healthy Chinese.

    S&P slogan: There are standards for flying defense, and S&P has made it.

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