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Aviation Plant Protection Key Laboratory

On January 4, 2018, good news came from the Ministry of Agriculture. Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the Key Laboratory of Aviation Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture. A total of two agricultural machinery companies were selected as representatives of modern agricultural equipment. Anyang Quanfeng Aviation was selected as the only agricultural drone manufacturer and was selected as the key laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Main lab

The Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture is a key laboratory for enterprises to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, improve the national agricultural science and technology innovation system, and further strengthen the company's main position in agricultural science and technology innovation. The key laboratory of the enterprise is an important platform for technology guidance, independent innovation, transformation of results, and promotion of industry development. The notification requires key laboratories to prepare construction tasks from 2018 to 2020 while focusing on industrial needs, identifying functional positioning, and clarifying the division of work. book.

President of China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association Chen Shengdou

The Ministry of Agriculture's requirements for the key laboratory of aviation plant protection are to make full use of the comprehensive platform advantages and expert teams of the subject group, actively participate in various academic activities of the subject group, carry out academic exchanges, enhance scientific research capabilities, and promote the integration of industry, academia and research through collaborative innovation. To provide good support for industrial development.

    Anyang Quanfeng Aviation is implementing the National Pesticide Fertilizer Double Reduction Program and relying on the company's accumulation of aviation plant protection technology for many years. It has joined the South China Agricultural University's “International Joint Research Center for Precision Agricultural Aviation Application Technology”, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Anyang Industrial. The three units of the college jointly declared the key laboratory of aviation plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture. By integrating the technical advantages of various laboratories, we will increase investment in laboratories from the three levels of manpower, financial resources and equipment, and implement the three strategies of talents, innovation and patents, and provide scientific and technological support for guiding and standardizing the development of plant protection drones in China. The preliminary project declaration, annual target and division of labor, and related management systems have been initially established. The research on core technical issues of the industry in the next three years has been initially determined.

    After the completion of the key laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, by increasing investment in research and development funds and introducing high-level talents, the laboratory can be transformed into a technological innovation and integrated R&D platform for domestic plant protection drones. Accelerate the resolution of key core technical issues in the industry, accelerate the transfer of technology, improve the technical level of drones, and promote the development of domestic drone plant protection technology.

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