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Chairman of the Plant Protection Branch OF Chinese Agriculture Technology Promotion Association

    2018April 18, China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association Plant Protection and Prevention and Control Branch Branch Inaugural Meeting and Plant Protection System The Development Forum was held in Yixian County, Anhui Province. Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Zhiguo, President of the ruling rule branch.

    President of the ruling rule branch


    After the establishment The Department of Defense and Prevention will focus on the products and technical advantages of new and high-efficiency plant protection drones, self-propelled sprayer sprayers and high-efficiency, low-risk pesticides and other plant protection technology innovation alliance members. /span> "Government-led, joint prevention and control" working mechanism, leading the innovation of policies, standards, technologies, products and organizational methods related to plant protection and prevention, and building a platform to promote the healthy development of China's agricultural pests and diseases.

    Platform: Organic integration of people, medicines, machinery and agents, promoting three-dimensional plant protection, solving the problem of farming problems

    Public protection and defense ruler Chen Shengdou

    Wang Fengle



    In recent years, "Who will plant the land", "Who will fight drugs" and "How to fight drugs" has become a real and urgent issue.

    Pest control is In a special type of work in agricultural production with high labor intensity, high labor costs, high technical requirements and high safety risks, it is urgent to adopt advanced and practical equipment and technology to carry out socialized and large-scale prevention and control actions.

    This not only adapts The current new situation of expanding scale and meeting the new demands of new agricultural management entities is also a key measure to solve the problem of one-house disease prevention and treatment, improve the utilization rate of pesticides, and realize the reduction of pesticides and efficiency. It is also the implementation of rural revitalization strategy. The objective requirements of quality agriculture and green agriculture. In the key work of the unified defense, we must pay attention to the coordination and unification of "people, medicines, machinery, and agents", organize the division of labor between ground machinery and plant protection drones or joint operations, and carry out emergency prevention and control of plant protection, disaster prevention and relief. Large-scale unified defense.

    The club will carry out six aspects of work to promote the standardized development of the plant protection system.

    <span style="font-family: Times New Roman] combined with production practice And the needs of the development of the industry, Wang Zhiguo, chairman of the unified defense branch branch and chairman of Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd., introduced in detail the six upcoming work of the club:

    The Chairman of Quanfeng Airlines, Mr. Wang

    plant protection Wang Zhiguo, president of the ruling branch, reports on his work

    One is to participate Related regulations and policy research. Participate in the regulations on the use and management of aviation plant protection machinery and new high-efficiency application machinery, especially the subsidy standards for the application of pesticides such as plant protection drones, and promote the prevention and control policies for specialized prevention and control, and actively propose to the relevant departments to promote industry development policies. .

    Two organizations Related technologies and product innovations. Focusing on improving the utilization rate of pesticides and the effect of prevention and control, we will carry out research and development on pesticide spraying system, spraying technology, special pharmacy (auxiliary), and research on management system, operation mechanism and service mode, and help service organizations to do Make bigger and stronger, and promote the steady development of the unified defense.

    Three is research Develop relevant technical standards. Jointly related production, research, and research units shall carry out the revision and revision of enterprise standards such as the unified control and application of drugs, operational procedures, effect evaluation, and service specifications, and timely convert them into industry standards or national standards.

    Four participation Organize promotional training activities. Participate in the organization to promote specialized defense and prevention, new plant protection social service publicity and pesticide scientific and safe use technology, plant protection machinery use and maintenance management technology, new application of mechanical robots and other training activities to promote plant protection and defense and its service organization to accelerate development of.

    Five organization Major pest and disease emergency prevention and control and unified defense. Actively combine the plant protection system, the unified defense service organization and the new agricultural management entity, give full play to the respective advantages of the ground application machinery and plant protection drones, organize the division of ground machinery and plant protection drones, or carry out joint operations to carry out plant protection, disaster prevention and relief. Emergency prevention and control or large-scale unified defense, improve plant protection, disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities.

    Six is maintenance Industry interests and strengthen industry self-discipline. We will safeguard the legal and reasonable interests of the plant protection and defense service organizations and practitioners, formulate and promote industry self-regulation norms and industry punishments, and standardize the development of China's plant protection and prevention and control organizations.


       Introduction to China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association:China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association (abbreviation CATEA) is a unity and organization including agricultural teaching, research, promotion, National agricultural technology extension workers, including production, mass science and technology organizations, and agricultural professional cooperative economic organizations, are non-profit industrial civil society science and technology groups that are voluntarily formed. The purpose of the association is that all activities are based on the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and strictly abide by the laws, regulations, policies and social ethics of the country, and contribute to the promotion of agricultural technology, agricultural production and the development of the rural economy. The association now has 19 professional committees and sub-committees (the National Branch of the National Plant Protection and Prevention and Control Branch) has been added to the 3rd Standing Committee of the 6th China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association. Through the active work of the Board of Directors and the Secretariat, with the joint efforts of all members, the China Agricultural Technology Promotion Association has gradually become the home of a large number of agricultural technology extension workers, and has become an important force to promote the development of China's agricultural technology promotion.


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