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Plant Protection Knowledge
Plant Protection Knowledge | How can drones avoid shaking?

If the flying state of plant protection UAV is unstable, it will seriously affect the effect of pesticide application, which is also a major problem for many pilots. Here we have sorted out the avoidance measures and detailed solutions.

Avoid measures

1. When the blade is damaged and replaced, a pair of folding propellers should be replaced at the same time. Otherwise, the dynamic balance of the blades will be affected and the flight attitude will be unstable.

2. Compass calibration should be carried out once for each change of operation site, and then the flight test of the airplane is carried out to observe the situation of the search for stars and the status of the aircraft, and then the heavy-duty operation is started.

3. Pay attention to moistureproof and protect the scaffolding with GPS

4. When the plant protection UAV leaves the factory, the motor has a certain angle. If the arm is replaced, the angle of the motor needs to be adjusted to 0 degrees.

5. Avoid plant protection UAV working with disease when flight attitude is unstable.


1. Check whether the blades are loose, deformed and damaged, and whether the paddle pads are installed incorrectly.

2. Check for cracks in carbon pipes and lock them

3. Recalibrating magnetic compass and accelerometer

4. Calibration of Remote Controller

5. After replacing the carbon tube, adjust the motor angle.

Why does hovering pose wobble in GPS mode?

1. Sloshing of GPS support rod

2. Serious interference of magnetic compass

3. GPS deviates too much from the center position (more than 20 cm)

4. Frequent gusts outside

5. Insufficient Star Search

Quanfeng plant protection UAV has the advantages of high efficiency, high safety, good control effect, water saving, medicine saving and environmental protection. It can work at night, achieve precise operation, achieve group prevention and control, and highlight the advantages of plant protection UAV in high altitude operation in complex terrain and paddy fields. It has broad application prospects in pest control and fertilization of mountain tea, pecan, Chinese herbal medicine and other special agricultural products. 


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