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Double eleven to eat the soil festival | Why worry, only rich!

One year's purse

a shopping cart for a year

By the eleven mad (chi) joy (tu) festival

Gorgeous take away

Your shopping cart vs other people's shopping cart


Most people have opened the "shopping" and "hands-on" mode in the double eleven

What you exchanged for is a few months of eating soil.

Other people's shopping for the future wealth

In this double eleven

They started their own "harvest season"

Anhui Jixian

Anhui Minxian Wanming Venture Partners Get Rich Forum

Taking advantage of the eight-faced winds, we should be looking forward to it. The Anhui Entrepreneurship Partners Enrichment Forum was officially launched. A total of 118 people attended the meeting and received high attention from the Provincial Plant Protection Station and the Ganxian County Government. In this double eleven, they are exploring a new mode of cooperation, leading more people to fly to get rich, why worry, only S&P!

Zhang Yueping, Executive Deputy General Manager of Anyang Quanfeng Group

Deputy Director of Min County People's Congress, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Development Zone, and Director of the Management Committee Xu Naixiu

Huang Chao, Chief of the Department of Pharmaceutical Machinery, Anhui Provincial Plant Protection Station


The atmosphere at the purchase site was warm and the customer’s enthusiasm was high.

Liaoning Jinzhou

Jinzhou Standard & Poor's Free Eagle Million Flyer Training Program Launch Site

Jinzhou S&P Feifei operation fee payment site

Come and feel the smile of the flying hand who got the cash.

Wang Chao, who has received more than 90,000 yuan in operating expenses, said

"The choice is right, flying defense is very simple."

Jinzhou Standard & Poor Township Service Station Awarding Ceremony

Suipu College Jinzhou Branch Unveiling Ceremony

The S&P agriculture with its stagnation of energy storage is like a broken bamboo. Since its establishment in 2017, it has established more than 150 county-level service centers, more than 2,000 township service stations in 17 provinces and autonomous regions, and trained more than 20,000 professional flying hands. More than 2,000 acres of anti-operations, and gradually explored five things to carry out agricultural services, "human-agent technology" framework and landing plan, so that flying plant protection is no longer a castle in the air! With the banner of S&P, we will lead more anti-Planters to embark on the road to prosperity. We welcome more people with lofty ideals to join the S&P system and create your own S&P.

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