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[Anyang Quanfeng] 2018 Winter Training Conference will start!

At 8:30 am on November 7th, the Anyang Quanfeng Winter Training Conference kicked off in a beautiful and melodic melody. The business managers who returned to the company headquarters from all over the country gathered in the Aviation Plant Protection Multi-function Reporting Hall for a period of time. Two days of training, the theme of this training is “Innovative Development, Integration and Improvement”. First of all, all the trainees sang "The Song of Quanfeng", and then the company's executive deputy general manager Zhang Yueping made training mobilization. The company's chairman and general manager Wang Zhiguo made a special lecture on "The ten-year plan and the formation and development of the company culture". The history and development of Quanfeng Company's self-improvement and hard work, as well as the development goals and direction of the company in the next decade. Subsequently, Xu Xuesong, deputy general manager of the company, Li Huizheng, general manager of the preparation branch, Zhang Pengfei, director of the R&D center, and Zhang Xiaolin, general manager of the aviation plant protection and the general manager of S&P Agriculture, respectively shared the original drug, preparation, research and development and aviation plant protection in the next ten years. Development plan. Duan Yingjun, a senior cadre of the North District of Beiguan District, made a wonderful speech and spoke highly of the entrepreneurial spirit of Quanfeng Company, affirmed the achievements of Quanfeng Company and the contribution to society in the past 20 years, and to Quanfeng Company. The development is expected to be deep.

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Chairman Wang Zhiguo

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Long-term cadre of the North DistrictDuan Yingying

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Deputy General ManagerZhang Yueping

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Deputy general managerXu Xuesong

In the afternoon training, Professor Zhang Jun from China Agricultural University and everyone explained the mechanism of action and the use of calcium chlorate (Spirulina). Professor Zhang went deep into the simple, sly, such as the application of esoteric and boring Knowledge is passed on to everyone, so that everyone in the cold early winter is like a spring breeze. In the evening and on the morning of the 8th, Mr. Mao Guofu explained to everyone the "Management Program for Wheat and Peanut Yield Increase". Mr. Mao's rich practical experience, combined with the experimental and informative experimental materials, and the humorous teaching language, won everyone's Love and welcome.

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Professor Zhang Jun, China Agricultural University

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Teacher Mao Guofu

On the afternoon of the 8th, Yang Tao and Fu Xiaojian shared the "Spiling Practical Technology" and "S&P Agriculture, Rich Platform". Han Haisheng shared "Customer Choice" from the perspective of his own sales work for more than 20 years. Fu Yanli explained the company regulations. System and other content. During the training period, Mr. Wang rewarded the area where S&P and preparations were combined! Finally, the heads of various departments talked about the feelings of the training, and put forward higher requirements for the future work. They asked everyone to know how to do things together, combine the training and the actual work, and apply what they have learned. The intense and lively training activities were announced by Chai Lijuan, the host of the training event, in the joyful and peaceful music.


Innovation and integration awards

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"Jinxiu Quanfeng, ten years can be expected"! We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of Mr. Wang, Quanfeng people will seize the opportunity and sail again. Through this training, the integration will enhance the innovation ability and let Quanfeng develop faster and better!

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