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New farmer training


    Low-altitude drone control technology is an emerging technology and belongs to the high-tech industry. With the development of science and technology, the application of drones in addition to military use is also becoming more and more extensive in the civilian sector. Because the UAV has the characteristics of low operating cost, no risk of casualties, good maneuverability, over-the-horizon flight, convenient and efficient use, it has been successfully applied to film and television aerial photography, aerial surveying, high-voltage line inspection, geological exploration, In the fields of disaster relief, pesticide spraying in agriculture and forestry, maritime positioning, defense reconnaissance, commercial performance, etc., more and more traditional methods of work in the industry have been replaced by drones. Our company relies on the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Unmanned Helicopter Research Institute and the National Sports General Administration Anyang Aviation Sports School to jointly train professionals in the field of agricultural drone applications. Our company is the first nationally recognized, professional civil drone pilot aircraft system driver training organization. In order to better promote agricultural drones to farmers and serve farmers, this year our company has undertaken 200 training tasks for new professional farmers' backbone training, making full contribution to the drone plant protection industry and providing more professional farmers' friends. Training platform.

    In order to ensure the effective development of the training of new professional farmers in our company in 2014, we will cultivate new professional farmers with modern consciousness and high-tech skills, promote modern agricultural development and new rural construction, accelerate the cultivation of new agricultural production and management entities and new professional farmers, and improve The production skills and management level of farmers are based on the spirit of the “Notice of Henan Provincial Department of Agriculture of Henan Province on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of 2014 New Type of Professional Farmers Cultivation Project in Henan Province” (Yu Nong Science and Education [2014] No. 26) In actual circumstances, we will formulate a management plan for the recruitment of new professional farmers in Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014:

    First, the scope of enrollment

    Under the coordination and coordination of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Plant Protection Station, strengthen communication and cooperation with various departments of the Agriculture Department, and recruit students from all cities, counties and towns in Henan Province.

    Second, the training object

    In order to allow farmers who are truly engaged in agricultural production and urgently need to improve their quality and production skills to give priority to cultivation, comprehensively improve the overall quality of new professional farmers. Our company has formulated a new type of professional farmer selection criteria. With the assistance of the plant protection station, it is a large-scale professional household, family farmer and farmer cooperative in all parts of the province. It has long been engaged in agricultural pre-production, mid-production and post-production services. Among the agricultural social service personnel such as plant protection workers, rural information workers, rural brokers, land arbitration mediators, etc., they have good ideological quality, good health, good moral character, law-abiding and honest management. The education level of high school and above is generally not more than 35. A young and middle-aged peasant who can play a role in demonstration.

    Third, the student selection and recommendation

    Participants are recommended to take the voluntary registration, township recommendation, and selection process. The specific methods for student selection are as follows: 1. You can directly register at the local plant protection station, and then conduct a unified time interview. The interviewer can participate in the new professional farmer training. Second, download the unified registration online and send it to our school email address. We will arrange the interview in a unified time after receiving the registration form. The interviewer will be able to participate in this new professional farmer training.

    Fourth, the training period

    In 2014, the number of trainees was 200, and two sessions were held. Each session consisted of 100 people and was divided into two classes for 15 days.

    V. Training content

    The training adopts a combination of theory and practice, with skill training and actual flight control capabilities. The training content includes the improvement of the quality of new professional farmers, the basic knowledge of aviation plant protection, and the laws and regulations related to unmanned helicopters; the unmanned helicopter simulation operation flight, the actual flight operation, the maintenance, commissioning and repair of agricultural drone helicopters; agricultural drones The basic theory of helicopter flight control; plant protection knowledge, medication knowledge, etc.; organize students to visit key inspection companies, practice simulation software, and operate agricultural unmanned helicopters.

    After the training, the students will be assessed theoretically and practically. Those who pass the examination will be awarded the certificate of completion issued by the Provincial New Agricultural Office.

    Sixth, training costs

    The training of the new professional farmers' backbone training is free of charge, and no fees are charged during the training.

    Seven, report notice

    Bring a copy of the basic information of the trainees who have been completed and sealed by the township office and the county (city, district) agricultural bureau. Bring a copy of my ID card; carry my recent one-inch bareheaded photo 4 photos.

    Eight, contact information

    Contact number: 0372-5361783/3305333

    Company website: http://www.aythpx.com/

    E-mail: 406121964@qq.com

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