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Business Scope


    Quality is guaranteed

    Relying on Quanfeng Aviation, the products are guaranteed. Quanfeng Aviation is a listed company, focusing on the production of plant protection drones, China's agribusiness integrated service providers. Tr


    Service is guaranteed

    County 5S flagship store, very convenient after sale. Professional flying anti-agents and additives, plant protection drones after-sales and maintenance, to provide users with more convenient maintenance, maintenance and spare parts services. Solve your worries! Tr


    Plant protection experience

    Special anti-agent for flying defense, plant protection is very safe. In the past 20 years, the first-line plant protection technology in the market has been supported, and the experts have rich experience and are familiar with the local markets. The effect of flying anti-agents plays a key role in the establishment of the entire Fei-Fei brand.


    Fly can training

    Professional flying hand training / flying hand training school, the purchase is not worried. Professional Training Flying School - Anyang Taihang Training School is the first training school approved by the National Civil Aviation Administration. It can independently issue the drone driver qualification certificate.


    Mode has innovation

    The model is diversified and cooperation is not a concern. S&P Agriculture invites agricultural resources channels to cooperate to build county-level service centers and township service stations. Cooperate to build an operation center, attract interested shareholders, share resources, complement each other's advantages, and cooperate with each other to promote the cause of flying defense.


    Service has platform

    S&P cloud platform, service into the field. Provide farmers with planting information, plant protection technology, training services, etc., can directly place orders for farmers to match the flight defense team, and send services to the field.

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