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Company culture

    Fufeng Aviation Plant Protection Corporate Culture

First, the belief: Chengrun Garden, Fengda world.


Second, the mission: to take the sun to fly defense as their responsibility, and build a better flight defense service platform.


Third, business philosophy: safety, focus, speed, value


Fourth, business policy:

Adhere to the training and service of flying hands;

Adhere to technological innovation and product upgrades;

Adhere to the construction and improvement of the flight defense service platform without wavering.

V. Business concept:

Service concept: Serving customers is the way out; creating value for customers is smooth.

Talent concept: It is the talents who achieve or exceed the goal of independence and independence. The gold content of talents is directly proportional to the performance and inversely proportional to the excuse.

Funding concept: The company has only investment behavior and no consumer behavior.

Saving is profit, second is ability, and third is virtue.

Scientific budget, understand spending money.

Sixth, the spirit of enterprise: one is not afraid of the system, the second is not afraid of practice, the third is not afraid of preparation, and the fourth is not afraid of seriousness


VII. Code of Conduct: Clean and neat, diligent and hardworking, standard operation, unity and cooperation


Eight, corporate motivation principle:

Thought - Improve system ability

Learning power - reduce communication costs

Cooperation - Integrating effective resources

Execution - achieving the desired result


Nine, corporate slogan: Quanfeng dream   My heart is flying

Chinese Dream - Beautiful China;

Quanfeng Dream - Wonderful Life

Technology is just the use of tools;

Institutions are standardized tools for behavioral norms

System is the external expression of culture

Culture is the inner core value of the system

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